Band Member Roster

Pipe Major John R. “Randy” Tyson


Pipe Section:

Pipe Sergeant Scott W. Stanton

Matt McMahon (Former Pipe Sergeant)

Piper Chase Smith

Piper Nate Brown

Piper Will Barss

Piper Kevin Devine

Piper Elliott Triebenbacher

Piper Philly O’Buffa

Piper Derek Dubay

Pipe Major Steve Hawley (Retired)



Drum Section:

Drum Sergeant James Fletcher

Drum Major Kevin Dowling

Snare Drummer Aaron Drake

Snare Drummer Kevin Cahill

Snare Drummer Debbie Cahill

Tenor Drummer Ellen Kyder

Bass Drummer Brian Pasco

Bass Drummer Smiley Summeril

Bass Drummer Chris Umphlet



Bugle Corps:

Bugle Sergeant Willard Jackson

Bugler Donald Wells



Color Guard:

Color Sergeant (Vacant)




Past Members:

Pipe Major Dan Chisholm

Piper Chris Salter

Piper Dallas Hurley

Piper Lauren McMillan

Piper Tom Montgomery White

Piper Ed Kessler

Drum Major Jason Palmatier

Drum Major Scott Allenspach

Drum Corporal Jaames Wils

Snare Drummer Scott Salter

Snare Drummer T.C. Cannon

Tenor Drummer Max Robinson

Tenor Drummer Bill Sirginson

Tenor Drummer Jason Tyndall

updated: 10/09/2017

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