~Lest We Forget~ Local Fallen Heroes

In Loving Memory of Pipe Major Daniel Chisholm who departed this world as a young man and is deeply missed by all of us.

The names listed on this page and on our Drum Major’s baldric are the names of those who fell in the line of duty in our primary performing area;

Pitt, Craven, and Lenoir Counties, North Carolina


those where we have preformed at their Line of Duty Funeral.

In Our Motto: “Lest We Forget”

Roll Call

Recognition of Fallen Officers:  

Elijah Bryan:  Bethel Police Department    June 20, 1899

Walter J. Lovett:  Farmville Police Department    January 20, 1906

Joseph L. Nobles:  Greenville Police Department    October 05, 1926

Eugene G. Jones:  Bethel Police Department    January 29, 1929

Jesse E. Mills:  Greenville Police Department    August 16, 1952

Rick Jackson:  Pitt County Sheriffs Office    September 20, 1958

Carl Elis Mayo Jr:  New Bern Police Department    May 19, 1960

Toby Taylor:  Craven County Sheriffs Office    November 19, 1963

Arthur Duke Andrews:  Pitt County Sheriffs Office    February 1965

Lyman Robert Eason:  Farmville Police Department   November 10, 1965

James Roy Outlaw:  Bethel Police Department   November 20, 1993

Harley Guy:  Kinston PD Park Ranger    May 22, 1999

Jeffery A. Matheny:  Craven County Sheriffs Office    October 21, 2000

Donald M. Miller:  New Bern Police Department     December 25, 2001

David W. Nichols:  Greenville Police Department    August 21, 2003

Jason C. Campbell:  Greenville Police Department   April 14, 2007

Rickie Allen Pearson Jr:  Lenoir County Sheriffs Office   April 08, 2009

Charles Douglas Brown Jr:  Martin County Sheriffs Office    December 08, 2009

Jon-Michael Willis:  Greene Co SO/Winterville PD   July 28, 2010

Warren Basco Lewis III:  Nash County Sheriffs Office/ US Marshall    June 09, 2011

Alexander E. Thalmann:  New Bern Police Department    March 31, 2014

Alexis Thunder Eagle Locklear: Scotland County Sheriff’s Office   March 1, 2018

Jason Quick: Lumberton Police Department   December 15, 2018

Recognition of Fallen Firefighters/EMS:


John J. Gaskill:  New Bern Fire Department    November 6, 1904

William T Barnes:  Greenville Fire Rescue    October 09, 1924

Edgar B. Elliot:  New Bern Fire Department    June 10, 1931

Robert G. Broadstreet Jr:  New Bern Fire Department    January 5, 1963

Amos Harrell:  Greenville Fire Rescue    December 08, 1972

Jerry Mills:  Greenville Fire Rescue    July 06, 1980

Prentice J. Tyndall:  Hugo Fire Department    April 25, 2017

Donald Ryan Gaston:  Jason Fire Department    May 08, 2017

Crystal Sollinger RN:  Duke Life Flight   September 08, 2017

The Officer Down Memorial Page

The first responders to the attacks upon our country September 11, 2001

The World Trade Center Memorial

The Memorial at the Pentagon

Flight 93

If you have information on any of the Hero Firefighters listed below, please contact the Band Historian so we can assist in updating their profile at the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, so history remembers.


“The bagpipe is much used by the Irish. To its sounds, this unconquered, fierce, and warlike people march their armies, and are encouraged to feats of valor. With it, they also carry their dead to the grave, making such a mournful sound, as to force the bystander to weep. Vincenzo Galilei, 1581


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